Degradable Plastic Bags

These days, the environment is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Unlike standard plastic bags, degradable plastic bags reduce the greenhouse effect by nearly 50 percent. Learn more about degradable plastic bags Sydneyand how you can use them to make your home and business more environmentally-friendly.

What Materials Make up Degradable Plastic Bags?

They are made from starches combined with biodegradable polymers or a corn-based material called polylactic acid. These bags are designed to be fully compostable and break down to organic material in landfills. Biodegradable plastics degrade into smaller pieces that reenter the food chain when consumed.

Shopping Bags

Degradable plastic bags Sydneyare ideal for use in supermarket chains, health food stores, promotional giveaways and special events as more and more consumers are becoming eco-conscious. This rise in concern for the environment has lead many customers to select who they do business with based on how large or small their carbon footprint.

Types of Shopping Bags

There are several common types of degradable bags you might choose to use for your business.

Small Grip-Hole Bags (With and Without Reinforcement)

Perfect for small purchases, small grip-hole bags are an economical choice for a small shop. Customers are sure to be impressed you’re doing your part to better the environment.

Loop-Handle Bags

Loop-handle bags are attractive and ideal for use in clothing, toy, grocery or other retail stores. They’re easy to carry and will most likely be used again and again, advertising your business each time.

T-Shirt Shopping Bags (Large and Small)

T-Shirt degradable plastic bags are called so because they look like a partially folded T-shirt. They’re ideal for clothing, electronic and other retail stores where customers make large or bulky purchases.

Lawn and Garden

Biodegradable plastic bags are perfect for yard work. Collecting yard waste in these types of bags is healthier for the environment and can be composted along with lawn clippings, fallen leaves, etc.

For Your Pet

Whether you’re scooping up after Fido or picking up clumps out of Whisker’s kitty litter, usingdegradable plastic bags means it won’t take 100 years for the bag and its contents to decompose. These types of bags need not only be limited to dogs and cats. Use them when cleaning up after birds, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and more. Biodegradable litter bags mean responsible pet ownership!

Kitchen and Compost

Degradable plastic bags are ideal for kitchen composting. No need to dread cleaning out the scrap bin filled with eggshells, lettuce and the science experiment you found in the fridge last week. With a biodegradable bag around the composting material, you won’t have to touch it. Tie it up on the way out the door and you won’t have to smell it either. You can even use degradable bags to keep the food in your refrigerator fresher longer.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint at home or in the office, degradable plastic bags are a great way to go. Unlike installing solar panels or replacing every bulb in your home or office, new bags are an easier commitment. In business, customers will not only appreciate the change, your bags will be reused advertising your store.