Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Do you want to use plastic bags that have a personalized touch? If so, then you should definitely consider custom printed bags. Such bags include all of the benefits of “standard” plastic bags, but also include whatever print you’d like to have plastered on them.

Here are some of the key benefits of such plastic bags:

1. BrandingZac homes

Your company’s name is the essence of your business, so branding is crucial in maintaining it. One of the most effective ways to grow your business is to make the public more familiar with your company. Yes, the actual name and logo that you choose for your company matters. But the world’s top company name and logo won’t worth be much until people know about them. One of the most effective ways to share them with the world is through custom printed plastic bags.

2. Advertising

Not only do custom printed plastic bags introduce the public to your company’s brand, but also to contact information about the company. That can include the company’s address, phone number, e-mail address, and so on. Sure, you can (and should) place that information on other items such as calendars, tumblers, and key chains. But there’s nothing like advertising via plastic bags filled with merchandise that one of your customers just bought. It’s the power of suggestion. As much as we deny it, we often like to keep up with the Joneses. So if someone else has been shopping at your store, they’ll naturally think about checking it out themselves.

3. Responsibility

Did you know that only about 1% of the trillions of plastic bags produced each year are recycled? While reusable cloth bags have become the in-thing, plastic bags also provide a way to be socially responsible. While reusable cloth gags can easily cost $2 or more, plastic bags often cost less than one cent each! And since they’re recyclable and reusable, Mother Nature will thank you. More and more local recycling organizations and supermarkets are recycling plastic bags, so now it’s easier than ever for customers to avoid filling up landfills, after up their custom printed plastic shopping bags.

4. Affordability

Will custom printed plastic bags cost more than plain bags that lack prints? Sure, but the difference in the costs will be somewhat marginal. First, consider that the cost of adding prints to tons of plastic bags will be a drop in the bucket. Second, keep in mind that the custom printed plastic bags will function as free advertising for your company. To put it another way, if your company’s custom printed plastic bags attract new customers, then the investment you made in them will definitely be worthwhile.

5. Innovation

The packaging and shopping bags of a retail store can be just as innovative as the products themselves. Besides features such as the bag’s style and design, there’s also the print that you can include on it. Sure, you could have a bland packaging bag or shopping bag design, but why would you? Creating the bag’s design gives you the opportunity to make the most creative and unique design possible. A one-of-a-kind shopping bag alone could be enough to attract new customers. What’s most important is to create a bag design that will cause people to think of your company as soon as they see it.

6. Variety

Like non-printed plastic bags, the custom-printed variety provides you with a cornucopia of options. There are big and small plastic bags. There are plastic bags with all types of shapes. And there are plastic bags of every color, style, and thickness imaginable. This gives you the opportunity to create the perfect plastic bag for your company. Other types of bags simply provide fewer options than plastic bags do. And the custom printing adds yet another opportunity to create a unique packaging bag or shopping bag for your company.

7. Longevity

Will your customers just use your company’s custom printed plastic bags to tote their purchases home? They might. But in all likelihood, they’ll take advantage of the bags’ reusability. And there’s a fantastic chance that they’ll carry the bag in public again-thus giving your company another chance to enjoy some free advertising. Custom printed plastic bags are items that keep on giving. Who knew that a small investment in printing could create so many profitable opportunities?