Printed Plastic Bags

If you need to buy bags for your company, then you should definitely consider plastic bags. And to add some pizzazz to them you should consider printed plastic bags. Regardless of what type of products your company sells, such bags can be an outstanding option over other types.


While plastic bags have only been available for about half a century, they’ve already had a major impact on modern life. It all started in 1957, with the first plastic sandwich bag. Roughly a decade later, in 1966, up to a third of bread packaging consisted of plastic bags (Consider the fact that nearly all supermarket bread is packaged in plastic bags today).

Within time, plastic bag manufacturers realized that plastic bags created several non-food opportunities. The Big Apple, New York City, began collecting trash in bags made of plastic, in 1969. Half a decade later in 1974, huge retail stores such as Sears had already switched to shopping bags made of plastic. And by 1977, supermarkets had begun to offer their customers the choice between paper bags and plastic bags.

Innovations in printed plastic bags continued after grocery stores started offering the now famous “Paper or Plastic” option. In 1994, Denmark created the first tax on plastic bags. And by 1996, more than four out of five bags that people used were plastic bags. Amazingly, today people only recycle about 1% of all plastic bags produced. However, the recycling process has become easier, as local recycling programs and supermarkets have made it easier for people to recycle their old plastic bags.


Why should you choose printed plastic bags over other bags? Here are some of the main benefits of such bags over other options:

1. Customization

You can have just about any lettering or graphics appear on your plastic bag. While one of the most obvious options is to advertise your company, you could even create personalized plastic bags for various applications in your office or home. Are plain Jane plastic bags OK for basic functions? Yes, but keep in mind that printed shopping bags provide an outstanding and affordable way to do some free advertising for your business.

2. Durability

Plastic bags are significantly more durable than paper bags are. Paper bags rip and tear easily, and basically disintegrate whenever they get wet. Sure, printed plastic bags can also undergo some damage. But they’re much more durable than paper bags, and can withstand moisture much better.

3. Convenience

Yet another benefit of printed plastic bags is that you can open, load, and close them quick quickly. That’s particularly crucial when checkout lines seem to extend to the back of the store. If you’ve ever handled paper bags, then you know that the same tasks can take significantly more time. That can make your retail store’s employees less efficient, which will ultimately lower its profit margins.

4. Recyclability

This is a major benefit over other types of bags, such as paper bags. Unfortunately, only about 1% of the trillions of plastic bags that are manufactured annually-get recycled. But the situation is improving. Today, many supermarkets collect printed plastic bags for recycling, while several local recycling programs collect plastic bags. Even if you don’t consider yourself an environmentalist per se, skyrocketing populations and demands are increasing the need to conserve the Earth’s natural resources.

5. Affordability

Plastic bags are noticeably cheaper than paper bags, and significantly cheaper than reusable cloth bags. In fact, you can even purchase plastic bags that cost a fraction of a U.S. cent! The affordability of plastic bags reduces your company’s overhead, and thus improves its bottom line. So if you’re not willing to spend $2 or more on a reusable cloth bag, then buy hundreds of plastic bags instead.

6. Selection

When choosing printed plastic bags, your options are nearly unlimited. There are different sizes. There are different styles. And there are different colors, shapes, thicknesses, and so on. While other types of bags also provide you with options, you’ll likely have significantly fewer than plastic bags can provide.

7. Reusability

Yet another benefit of plastic bags is that you can use them over and over again. After simply rinsing them, you can reuse them as trashcan liners, containers, and so on. On the other hand, you’ll likely be able to use paper bags only once.