Plastic Carry Bags

You see them everywhere: Plastic carry bags with a business logo, attractive model or unique design that draws your attention and holds it. Businesses who want to stand out from the crowd use custom plastic bags. Learn some more about the benefits of carry bags and how they can help your business succeed.

What are Plastic Carry Bags Used For?

With this type of bag, the promotional possibilities are nearly endless. They can be used for shopping, giveaways, freebies, gift-giving, cosmetics, library books, etc. Clear plastic bags are ideal for frequent flyers that often have to go through airport security.

Supermarket Chains – Keep Them Coming Back

Though there’s nothing wrong with the traditional “Thank you” or “Come again” plastic bag, it doesn’t leave an indelible impression in your customer’s mind. New and seasoned supermarket chains will enjoy the benefit of repeat customers with custom plastic carry bagsSydney. Customers often reuse these bags to carry lunch or other items that will introduce new shoppers to your store.

Clothiers – Impress Them with Your Style

When you’re selling quality clothing, you want the bag to match. Soft sweaters, jackets and denim sit comfortably in carry bags made from plastic that gives and stretches with the load. If the bag is well-made and attractive, chances are your customers will reuse them. This makes them the perfect walking advertisement for your shop!

Salespeople – Perfect for Leave-Behinds

If you’re a salesperson, you likely do plenty of presentations and offer leave-behinds to your prospects. A carry bag is another great way to keep your name, business and products in mind so your name stays fresh.

Dentist and Doctors – Secure Your Next Appointment

Remember that nice doctor you went to a year ago with the warm personality and friendly bedside manner? Chances are, unless he’s your usual healthcare provider, you don’t. Patients don’t have the patience to flip through the phone book struggling to remember if your last name is Ronald’s or Reynolds. Remind them by providing them with pamphlets, samples and other giveaways in custom plastic carry bags Sydney.

Types of Plastic Carry Bags

There are many types of plastic carry bags to choose from. From small to large, simple to decorative, the one you choose is up to you.

High density T-shirt bags are economical, durable and ideal for the food industry. Soft-loop handle bags are perfect for the electronics business as they can hold a lot of weight. Frosted die-cut bags are colorful and eye-catching; a good choice for product promotions. Draw-tape bags are strong, economical and fit for large quantities of materials. Halloween bags are great for Trick-or-Treaters and a fun way to promote your business.

Degradable Plastic Bags

With growing eco-consciousness comes a rising demand in environmentally-friendly products and services. Replacing standard carry bags with degradable plastic bags means your customers can shop with confidence, knowing they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint.

Whatever plastic carry bags you decide to use for your home or business, there are plenty to choose from. They will help provide convenience for your customers and promote your products and services.