Poly Bags

Purchasing poly bags in Sydney is not an issue of finding a provider, but deciding which type of polyethylene bags are the right type for your business applications. With suppliers all over the area, including Smithfield, customers can find plenty of designs that are ideal for use in factory and warehouse settings, bags for use in retail establishments, and even bags that are ideal for use as carry bags at trade shows. Here are a few examples of poly bags in Sydney that are designed for specific applications.

Boutique Bags

This type of retail bag comes in a wide range of colors, and can be imprinted with a business logo or slogan. Bags of this type are open-ended and usually incorporate some type of handle in the bag design. Boutique bags are usually sturdier than other types of poly bags in Sydney, making it easy for shoppers to carry purchases without fear of the bag bursting before they get home.

Check Out Bags

Similar to boutique bags, these simpler poly bags are usually thinner and have a different texture. Often used as grocery bags at local markets, the bags are lightweight and very cost effective. Like the boutique bags, the check out bags can be imprinted with a company logo or slogan, or the customer can choose to go with a stock imprint that has some relevance to the business operation.

Gusset Bags

For certain applications, gusset bags are a viable solution that can be used in a production setting or as a strategy for bagging larger purchases. The distinguishing characteristics of this type of plastic bags in Sydney include sides and a bottom that is folded and capable of expanding to accommodate larger items. This type of bag works well when the purchase goods are contained in boxes. As with the boutique bags, it is not unusual for gusset bags to sport some sort of handle as part of the basic design.

Industrial Bags

Industrial poly bags come in several different sizes and are often used as packaging for products such as frozen or freeze-dried foods, hospital supplies, and other items in which protection from contamination is important. These types of poly bags in Sydney normally arrive to the customer with one open end, making it possible to place the product into the bag and then use sealing equipment to create an airtight seal. Typically, the polyethylene used in these types of bags is heavier than with different types of shopping bags, which helps to increase the protection to the product.

Clinical Waste Bags

Many manufacturers of poly bags in Sydney offer secure bags for use in laboratories and other facilities that work with substances that need to be contained. Known as clinical waste bags, these designs include a thicker texture, which helps to ensure containment of any contents. The bags are available in several different sizes and are usually ordered based on the number of litres each size can reasonably hold.

Carry Bags

Bags of this type are designed for use at conventions, trade show and other kinds of public meetings. The bags are ideal for event attendees who collect brochures and other items offered at different exhibits. As with the boutique bags, it is possible to choose from a variety of colors and imprint the bags with any type of slogan or logo desired. From this perspective, suppliers who offer customised poly bags in Sydney can place a volume order, hand out the bags at an event, and enjoy a great deal of low cost advertising during the show or convention.

Makers of poly bags in Sydney can also design unique bags for any occasion. Assuming the volume ordered is sufficient, there is the possibility of receiving some sort of discount on the total cost. Sales personnel and designers associated with different providers can work with customers to come up with the right combination of colors and other elements to make the bag designs both eye catching and practical.