Printed Carry Bags

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that printed carry bags are an effective promotional tool for any company or business. If they weren’t a great idea, the thousands of high street and boutique stores from across all industries wouldn’t have put the time and effort into ordering them.

Think about the bags on the market right now. It’s not just posh women, men and kids clothes stores with the printed carry bags. It’s the general clothing stores, the bookshops, the hardware stores, the variety stores, the pharmacies, the computer and gaming stores, mobile phones, food outlets including fast food and takeaway.

It’s the easiest way of advertising out there, person purchases product, product gets put into printed

carry bag with the name of business emblazoned boldly on the side, then that bag gets carried around goodness knows where, and viewed by goodness knows how many different people. Even if they don’t actually consciously register the printed carry bags, it’s surprising how much information our brains manage to process without us actually realising its doing it. Brand recognition is massive. Random other person needs a specific product, person may well just recall business name thanks to the amount of times the bags have been registered by their brain.

When it comes to printed carry bags, think of the reusing potential. We’re environmentally conscious enough now, one would hope, that we tuck the bags away for reuse such as lunches, carrying extra items such as jumpers or drinks, carrying presents to a kids parties, even bottles of wine or crisps to a friends house. We take them again to supermarkets to have our groceries packed into them again (no one wants printed carry bags overtaking the house or laundry after all) so it’s not just the initial use of the printed carry bags, but the repeated use. So how can we maximise this opportunity and these potentials of printed carry bags?

Tips for choosing printed carry bags

Colour – of the printed carry bags itself. The bag doesn’t just have to be white. Make it stand out, but make sure the logo or company name stand out more. It’s that which needs remembering after all.

Size range – at least enough variety in the printed carry bags to cover most of the products. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Strength and quality of handles – don’t be remembered for being the company whose printed carry bags made a product smash on the footpath in front of a load of open-mouthed spectators. There’s advertising, and bad advertising – what will the product from that company be like if the bag is substandard?

Strength and quality of bags particularly bottom – for the same reasons as above. These two areas receive a massive amount of pressure, so don’t skimp and get the thinnest option without reinforcement or quality materials.

Logo – size and colour so the company name is the lasting impression. This is the advertising key.

Materials – consider an environmentally friendly option for the printed carry bags, as this may encourage people to accept your printed carry bags more readily.