Clear Plastic Sheeting Sydney

Many companies in Sydney that ship products in industrial environments have turned from using straps or pallet banding to secure items on a pallet to using flexible stretch film to secure the items for shipment. Fast and effective, the clear plastic sheeting that is used in this process will stretch to exert force, and much like the traditional clear plastic wrap that many use in their home to wrap-up left over food, this product will “cling” to itself in the process of wrapping-up the shipment.

Available in a variety of widths and mil thicknesses, this clear plastic sheeting can be rolled over the contents of the pallet in layers to effectively create a dust and water resistant cover over the products that is not afforded by simple banding alone. Coming in rolls, the plastic film can be placed over and around the item to be shipped on the pallet either manually or some firms use more expensive pallet wrapping machines to accomplish this task. Once the shipment is received, removing the clear plastic sheeting is a breeze as well as it can easily be cut with a penknife or box cutter for fast removal.

With a history of being used in Sydney to provide a barrier to moisture and dust, the use of clear plastic sheeting for wrapping pallets is just one of the thousands of spin-offs that this product has seen over the years. Often used in homes during the winter months to seal-up windows so cold drafts do not enter the home, or used as painters tarps to cover furniture while painting a room are just a couple of examples. Another application that is growing significantly in Sydney is to use clear plastic sheeting to wrap-up boats for winter storage.

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