Clear Plastic Tubing Sydney

What is the difference between a clear plastic bag and clear plastic tubing? The simple answer is, not much! The biggest difference is that clear plastic bags are provided in specific dimensions for length and width whereas clear plastic tubing is provided to a specific width on a continuous roll that can be cut to a variety of lengths as required. One supplier reviewed offers clear plastic tubing in widths ranging from 50 mm (2″) wide up to 1000 mm (39 ½”) wide. These clear, lay-flat poly tubes are excellent for a wide variety of packaging options to protect items during shipment around Sydney and also to protect products while being held in inventory or while on the store shelves in Sydney.

Different means can be used to close up the ends of the clear tubing once it has been pulled over the item to be protected. With the end users of clear plastic tubing using everything from simple twist-ties to secure the open ends, to rubber bands, staples, plastic closure tabs, all the way to more complicated heat sealing equipment, one can tailor their practices to their specific packaging requirements.

Although one is limited only by their imagination on how to effectively use clear plastic tubing in specific applications, one of the largest uses for clear plastic tubing is simply to make clear plastic bags. With rolls of tubing being fed through special equipment that will seal one end and cut the bag to length, some production equipment is capable of producing small bags at a rate of 70,000 bags per hour. Many low cost clear plastic bags have started out as clear plastic sheeting. One thing is certain, we have found thousands of ways to use clear plastic tubing in Sydney and as additional processes are developed, we will continue to see more and more unique applications for these materials going forward in Sydney.

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