Drum Liners Sydney

Many companies in Sydney use 55 gallon drums to ship a very wide variety of products in bulk. Often referred to as shipping by the barrel, even though when most hear this phrase they immediately think of oil, these drums are widely used outside of the oil industry. A trend that has proven to be very successful is the use of polyethylene drum liners to keep the insides of the drums from being contaminated by the various liquids, pastes, powders, and chemicals that are regularly transported inside these drums. Liners also serve to eliminate airborne toxins and leakage often associated with shipping in the raw containers themselves.

Providing an extra level of protection, reliability, and safety, drum liners are playing a very active role in improving shipping methodology that often goes unsung. Providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective method for transporting and storing virtually any type of powder, paste, or liquid the use of drum liners has skyrocketed. Generally offered in different side wall thicknesses, with 50, 75, and 100 micron being the most popular, the thickness required will depend upon the application.

One of the uses of the heavier wall drum liners in an industrial application in Sydney (that uses thinking slightly outside of the box) is the use of drum liners in dust collectors in a manufacturing environment.  Using the principles of vacuum extraction, these dust collectors capture the particles produced by grinding operations and deposit the residue into the 55 gallon drum attached to the collection system. Removing the collected particles captured within the liner and simply replacing the liners versus having to exchange drums is a real time saver. There are many other opportunities in Sydney that one can find that will improve their ease of use by changing to using drum liners. Significantly reducing the need to clean and prepare the 55 gallon drums for subsequent use, these liners often have a very favorable payback model.

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