Garbage Bags Sydney

We see them everywhere we go, even in Sydney’s rustic National Parks. They are everywhere today. Garbage bags have found a place in our society of great prominence. Having a number of straightforward attributes for fit, form, and function, this seemingly simple invention is commonly taken for granted today as we go about using them mindlessly.

It goes without saying that with hundreds of millions of garbage bags in use in homes, businesses, city streets, parks, etc. in Sydney on any given day, that perhaps only those that lived before they were invented can really appreciate the innovative aspects of this seemingly simple product. Once introduced in a one-size-fits-all design, garbage bags today are offered in a mind-boggling variety. Often on display on multiple shelves in retail outlets around Sydney, they are available in light duty to heavy duty, with a variety of options for closure (twist ties, flaps for tying, draw-strings), and for sizes ranging from very small wastebaskets up to garbage can sizes.

In addition to using garbage bags for their primary purpose, people have been know to use garbage bags for a wide variety of alternative uses from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some examples of the many uses that you have probably seen for a garbage bags outside of its primary purpose are:

  • Used as clothing storage bags to protect garments
  • Used as the “poor-mans” laundry bag
  • Used as covers for outdoor barbeques to protect them from the elements
  • You have probably seen one of the more bizarre uses in your travels as people have been know to use them to cover broken windows in their automobile.

The list of alternative uses is much longer than the examples presented above. When people need to find a waterproof and dust resistant means for protecting an item, if it fits into a garbage bag, then they will tend to use a garbage bag for that purpose.

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