Pallet Bags Sydney

In the world of evolving practices, Sydney manufacturers are moving away from using large and expensive corrugated boxes for shipping their products to using pallet bags instead. Designed to match the size of standard pallets, these pallet bags are available in different heights and can be custom sized as well for manufacturers that have specific requirements. Also referred to as pallet covers, these products are often supplied in a heat shrink material to allow the pallet bag to be reduced in size after being placed over the shipment. Far superior to boxes when it comes to protecting shipments from exposure to moisture, these pallet bags are becoming a favorite for those involved in a company’s shipping department.

Offering protection from dust, dirt, and moisture, pallet bags are stronger than stretch wrap or banding and will often protect shipments even when stored in direct sunlight for up to 6 months. Provided in a 5 sided configuration (optional slip sheets can be used to protect the bottom of the shipment as well) these pallet bags are placed over the shipment once it is finished assembled. Available in Sydney in heat shrink and non-heat shrink materials a heat shrink style would be subjected to a heat source to have the packaging constrict around the shipment to further secure and protect the contents.

Normally provided on perforated rolls so the pallet bags can be easily detached from the roll for use, a great deal of thought has been put into how to ease the burdens of preparing packages for shipment. in Sydney When one thinks of cheaper, stronger, and faster, they will immediately turn to using pallet bags for their future shipping needs.

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