Plastic Bags Sydney

There was a time when plastic bags first came out that you could get your bag in any color that you wanted as long as it was clear! Today, although still very popular, in Sydney the plain bags have been somewhat overrun by a multitude of colors, imprinting options, and a wide variety of styles. Sitting silently in the back is the plain bag, doing its job day after day. Today, if one excepts the definition of plain bags to mean virtually any color under the rainbow, but without any specific imprinting on the bag itself, then one still has a very wide scope of choices as Sydney manufacturers has developed a much wider selection than just a straight poly bag without handles.

Although a very wide variety of poly bags without handles are available in Sydney this simple invention has morphed into a much wider range of offerings including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Plastic bags with die cut handles
  • Plastic singlet carry bags (grocery store bags)
  • Plastic curve top carry bags
  • Soft loop plastic carry bags
  • Plastic carry bags with rigid loop handles

The styles mentioned above are available in various colors and sizes and can be purchased in bulk without having any emblems or strategic marketing information imprinted on them (although in today’s world having store names or other information imprinted on them is by far the norm).

And then there are plain bags. Not the style that one expects to receive at a store when they make a purchase, but simply general use bags often used for packaging anything from manufactured goods to foodstuffs. Provided with an open end, one simply puts their item in the bag, and seals it up with a twist-tie, tape, or heat seals the end after packaging is finish. Used in the hundreds of millions in Sydney, plain bags are all around us and are often taken for granted.

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