Trash Can Bin Liners Sydney

It seems as though one can not turn around in Sydney today without seeing a trash can with a plastic bin liner being used as an inside layer. Uniquely suited for this purpose, the use of bins liners as a safe and effective means for helping to manage waste has become so common place that we often take them for granted. Providing an excellent seal between the rubbish containers and the garbage that is tossed into them, there are many good reasons to use bin liners in your trash cans and home wastebaskets:

  • One of the major reasons for using bin liners is that they protect the receptacle itself from becoming filthy as day to day waste is thrown into the refuse container. Water tight and protecting the side walls of the receptacle from becoming covered with grease, slime, or sticky remnants from the items disposed, one will need to spend less time cleaning the actual receptacle itself.
  • Ease of use is another big reason for using bin liners in your trash receptacles. It is very fast and easy to remove the collected waste contained inside the bin liner and to close the liner up securely for later disposal in a dumpster or for street pick-up. In addition, a new liner can be inserted into the primary waste container in a matter of minutes.
  • Available in different thicknesses (mils) these bin liners can range from low cost light duty applications to more expensive heavy duty applications.

Different types of closures are now available in Sydney for trash can bin liners with the old standby, the twist-tie, becoming less and less popular. Sydney manufactures have developed new manufacturing processes that allow for additional flap material to be provided for simply tying the bag up with the flaps. Other companies offer bin liners with draw-strings so one is able to tightly close up the bin liner when it is full.

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