Wholesale Plastic Bags

There’s nothing to say that you have to include plastic bags in your business, but if you’re in business perhaps you’re there to not only (presumably) make a successful living but also provide a service. Providing your clients with what they need but without an option to transport the items home again might somewhat diminish their joy in locating the items in the first place.

We have seen the humble plastic evolve even from its (fairly recent) beginnings. They quickly replaced en masse the paper bag whose strength and ability to dissolve in water made it quick a frustrating way to transport groceries, or indeed any other item when it rained. Plastic bags were then designed with colours, logos, branding, options for sizes… into something actually rather desirable themselves sometimes. Brand awareness, brand recognition, functional advertising reaching where you might not have be able to…

Wholesale plastic bags were built stronger, with more emphasis on strengthening the bottoms, the handles (there is very little worse in a standard day to have the bottom bust out of a bag and have either a. the entire contents or part thereof smash on the street or b. have your items on flung about at random on display for all and sundry with little means of collecting and carrying said items home again).

Wholesale plastic bags are under fire again, and the push moves towards environmentally friendly bags, biodegradable plastic bags and reusable… the list goes on. At the end of the day, you can’t always plan when you’re going to buy something. Impulse control aside, oftentimes a window of opportunity opens up that you weren’t sure you had, or an unexpected need arose, a birthday present, or a child’s school project… you can’t always predict when you’re going to make a purchase, and it’s likely your clients are the same.

Offer your valued customers the option of sturdy wholesale plastic bags, environmentally respectful and with your business brand displayed in an aesthestically pleasing fashion on it to complete their transaction.

Wholesale plastic bags are a cost-effective method of providing a carrying resolution, you can bulk order, customise, easily store and retrieve and be sure that your business has not gone unnoticed as your brand is carried around, with the bag potentially being used again.

If you want to investigate what wholesale plastic bag options are available for your business, speak to a wholesale plastic bags supplier regarding your needs.

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Clear Plastic Packaging

What is clear plastic packaging?

Made from malleable, flexible synthetics and frequently utilised owing to their relative low cost of production, ability to withstand the effects of water, and versatility, this kind of packaging is quite literally seen in huge amount of applications in day-to-day life. To different extents some types are biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and resealable.

When might clear plastic packaging be used?

In all sorts of industrial, commercial and every day business applications.

It’s not just about sheets of plastic, but also bags, films, tubes, bottles and many other forms. You will see it in the forms of food containers, bin liners, pallet wraps, poster tubes, vessels for various liquids, around medical or industrial equipment. Commonly used in logistics, shrink wrap around pallets stops the shifting of boxes in transit and protects from damage. Just about anywhere really!

What are some benefits of using this?

The use of plastic packaging has frequently replaced other more expensive or labour intensive materials, reducing overheads, increasing margins, improving product life, ease of transportation and everything in between.

Using the packaging can anchor for protection – such as aforementioned boxes on a pallet that have been wrapped. This also can provide the shipment with a level of water resistance that might not be otherwise present.

Clear plastic packaging allows for the safe delivery of items, without compromising the integrity of said item (providing of course that it has been packaged appropriately, and transported/handled with a suitable level of care).

It allows for the clear display of the item – any chance for product acknowledgement or brand recognition is a good thing!

Who makes clear plastic packaging?

Typically items of this kind will be made by a plastics manufacturer.

Where can I find clear plastic packaging manufacturers?

Start local and broaden your search if necessary. The internet will provide you with contacts to begin with. Inspect packaging that you notice around you and try to identify the source of it by asking around.

How do I purchase the right kind?

This will be a matter of you establishing your need, examining it from different angles to be sure that your suggested solution mightn’t be improved with a few careful adjustments. Go and visit a plastics manufacturer and talk to them about where you’re at with your business or industry, how you wish to improve it or maximise it’s potential. Listen to expert advice, get a quote and decide how to move forward.

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Industrial Packaging Sydney

Industrial packaging Sydney encompasses a range of practical options for the safe and suitable packing of an industrial product, or to assist towards the seamless functioning of the industrial workplace. Typically, thoughts of industry and practical application of packaging bring to mind heavy or bulky equipment. This is only part of the whole picture. In actual fact, this kind of packaging can be used in a multitude of ways depending on requirements.

Industrial packaging Sydney is a great solution for those outsize, bulky, awkwardly shaped, delicate or particularly heavy items. It’s designed to cope through a range of environments and built to last. Such packaging can also be suitable for liquids, not just solids.

Purposes of industrial packaging Sydney might include – packaging for the transportation, distribution, sale, storage or disposal of your business’ rubbish. Sometimes the headaches aren’t with the product you’re building or manufacturing but what to do with the detritus that results from the process! Sourcing the most suitable goods to help streamline your business all the way through from the finished product for market, wrapped and stacked for distribution, right down to the waste can make a real difference to how your business functions. Some examples of common industrial packaging are: pallet wrap, shrinkwap, bin liners, drum liners and carton liners.

It has been suggested that even the smallest business can become multi-national. If you’re looking to get your products out there safely and expediently, industrial packaging Sydney is likely to be in your future. Sourcing the best industrial products could also help you improve your margins with reduced loss, damage, or wasted labour hours using substandard items.

Depending on what you require combined with the options from your manufacturer your packaging could be: functional, economical, effective, efficient, protective, watertight, padded, oversized, or oddly shaped. While you’re discussing your packaging needs with your manufacturer you may wish to ask them about sourcing any necessary supplementary products, such as adhesive tapes, bubble wrap, cellaire rolls or polypropylene strapping to ensure your needs are completely taken care of.

Industrial packaging Sydney could very well be the solution your business needs to assist with your products safe and efficient journey from the beginning of development through to the hands of your customer. Remember: it’s not just the end resulting product on the shelves on which a company’s reputation hinges.

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Plastic Tubing Suppliers

Do you need to source plastic tubing for your business? You’ll probably be about to begin your research on plastic tubing suppliers in that case!

You’re likely already aware that plastic tubing can be used for a vast array of purposes. It’s desirable for many of its characteristics including economy, durability, flexibility, adaptability and versatility. Any combination of these factors may have lead you to embark on this search for plastic tubing suppliers in the first place – to meet your need and help you service your business in the best possible way.

So you’ve made the decision on your ideal product, now you need to source a supplier to make that happen for you. It might not be the best idea to go with the first supplier you hear of (unless they have glowing testimonials from colleagues or friends, in which case it would be entirely understandable if you didn’t stray too far from this recommendation), you may want to check out a few for comparison purposes.

It may have occurred to you that all plastic tubing suppliers weren’t created equal, so make sure that the product you’re getting is the product you’re after and the product you’ll stand by in your business. There’s more than economy to consider, though this naturally will be a factor in deciding which plastic tubing suppliers to deal with, because a job worth doing is worth doing well. Presumably you don’t want to have to reorder your tubing in the not too distant future because the supplier you chose made a poor quality product to sell to you.

If your plastic tubing is vital for your industry to function at its peak potential, you’ll not want any delays for repairs or replacement products owing to inferior quality plastic tubing. It’s not only frustrating but potentially can have repercussions on the reputation of YOUR business, and frankly you don’t want a reputation as a business who likes to cut corners or can’t deliver on promises.

Take the time to chat to potential plastic tubing suppliers, ask them any questions you may have about manufacturing process of the tubing, express any concerns you have and outline your requirements of the tubing so there can be no room for error or miscommunication. This will give you the best chance to get things right.

With any luck, once you’ve found your ideal suppliers a mutually satisfying relationship will follow.

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Printed Plastic Bags

You only have to go to your local shopping centre, supermarket or even service provider to see the volume of printed plastic bags out there, as well as the customised paper-like style ones. You may be wondering whether or not taking this step is right for your business or service and it’s certainly a topic that needs to be considered.

Firstly, printed plastic bags are not so much narcissism as a marketing tool. There is the opportunity for every customer or client who walks out of your business or service to be carrying your name on their person, to wherever else they might be headed that day.

If your printed plastic bag is a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, well-designed bag or accommodating bag, your name will likely accompany that person around again another day. It doesn’t matter that the printed plastic bags aren’t holding your product, all that matters is that your business name is entering into people’s minds. Whether it’s happening consciously or subconsciously.

How much do you spend on advertising? Have you a way of measuring the success of your advertising campaign? Okay, so you can’t necessarily measure how successful printed plastic bags are exactly, but when they’re being carried down the street chances are they’re being viewed. Like, or unlike, that quarter page ad you took out for a large fee in a local booklet. Let’s hope like.

Technological advances have given us unprecedented access to large amounts of helpful information, like needing a product or service. Printed plastic bags are a tool to get your name out there, so when there is a need, information is sought, your name can come to mind.

There is an increasing emergence of brand awareness that dominates our society which is continuously being capitalized on by the business-savy. What ways can you best get your brand out there to ensure your business has the best chance? Maybe printed plastic bags on the streets, and social media in the smart phone. It can’t hurt to cover your bases!

Should you decide to take a step down this route printed plastic bags can be made to your specification and it goes without saying you would want yours to be noticed. In a good way. Noticed doesn’t have to mean garish, even elegant understated bags can be attractive in their own way. What design might best convey what you’re about?

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Clear Plastic Tubing

What is clear plastic tubing used for?

It has many varied uses ranging from commercial, industrial, domestic and retail purposes.

What might clear plastic tubing be the best option for me?

Without knowing specifically the application that the tubing will be for, there cannot be a definitive answer to this question. However, there are some properties of clear plastic tubing inherent to the nature of the product that make it attractive to a wide variety of users across the board.

  • Versatility – the tubing can be made to specifications of differing thicknesses, widths and lengths making it a popular and well-regarded solution for tubing needs.
  • Flexibility – the tubing can be bent around or moved without compromising the safety or the quality of what the tubing is being used for. This also allows the tubing to be easily mounted around rooms, or along walls so there are less opportunities for safety issues to arise, or the chance for unnecessary damage.
  • Durability – the polymers that are the foundation of the tubing are strong as well as flexible. Depending on the kind of clear plastic tubing being used, they can be suitable for a range of temperature requirements and chemical needs. Another point worth mentioning here is that if there is a specific criterion such as suitability for high-pressure usage, clear plastic tubing can be made and tested to be suitable for the purpose.
  • Economy – a very cost-friendly option particularly when compared to some of its counterparts.
  • Lightweight nature – lighter than it’s glass or metal counterparts, easier to manage, transport, shift, store and apply.
  • Suitability – in environments where one may need to see liquids flowing through the tubes, or where visibility of the inners of the tubing is of significant importance, clear plastic tubing is the perfect choice.
  • Sterility – for medical purposes, clear plastic tubing can be appropriate and cost-effective where single-use sterile tubing is required.

Who makes clear plastic tubing?

Manufacturers of plastic products are usually the best place to start. A good manufacturer should be able to accommodate your specific requirements, so make sure you’re clear about them before you ask for quotes.

If the manufacturer doesn’t sell the tubing direct to the public you may have to seek out a middleman to assist you with the transaction. Finding a direct to market manufacturer, however, may mean your costs are lower so it’s probably the best place to start looking.

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Custom Plastic Bags Sydney

Have you ever been to a shop, browsed a while, selected an item that the retailer or outlet frequently stock, taken it to the counter or checkout to pay only to be told that they don’t have a bag suitable for the product?

It’s frustrating as anything, isn’t it?

Particularly if this shop is the first stop of the day where you were planning on doing most things on foot and you’re left with the decision to lug said item back to the car or continue on doing your jobs possibly needing both hands to deal with the purchase which is not heavy, just a little large or awkward.

Particularly when they are custom plastic bags Sydney available to blitz this issue so there aren’t really any excuses as to why you’re not able to be supplied with an appropriate bag in the first place.

It’s easy to understand if an item is not usually stocked, or if there has been an unexpected amount of purchases requiring that bag size and they have temporarily run out. Or even perhaps if an item weight is too great even for custom plastic bags Sydney to manage (though in this instance, dropping item back to the car is definitely the way forward!) but not being able to accommodate a regularly stocked item into custom plastic bags Sydney is disappointing at best.

On the flip side, there are people out there who give their customers giant plastic bags for teeny tiny items, which can come across as being a little excessive. Again, sometimes things happen but if this is likely to be a regular occurrence you have to perhaps wonder why custom plastic bags Sydney aren’t being utilised in this instance for the sake of the environment, and to keep the costs down.

Custom plastic bags Sydney are an alternative to the frustrated customer dilemma. Finding a bag shape appropriate for your wares and services can be another tick in the satisfied customer box. It can also save some heartache on behalf of your staff too.

Custom plastic bags Sydney can benefit industrial clients also by accommodating requests for larger, stronger, outsize, coloured or other specific needs into a bag that’s perfect for the job required.

Don’t assume your needs can’t be met. If you have frustations with your current bag situation, consider investigating the best way to get it resolved.

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Bubble Wrap Sydney

Bubble wrap is a cherished childhood memory. It may seem overly simplistic or strange thing to be saying, but who can actually swear they didn’t get any enjoyment out of popping those little bubbles from the inside of a parcel post bag or the sheet with a precious ornament wrapped in it? There’s even a bubble wrap app now for those extreme bubble wrap Sydney fans, great for the sound but sadly lacking in that satisfying squash of flat, air deprived feeling under the fingers or thumb.

On a more serious note, bubble wrap Sydney has been around a long time and for a good reason – it gets the job done. Whether you are packing a few little things from around the home or office, whether you are a retailer with your fair share of precious wares in store and online that need to make it safely to the homes of your clients and customers, whether you are moving house or you deal in large commercial or industrial applications, bubble wrap Sydney is quite frequently the best solution to your packing needs.

Benefits to bubble wrap Sydney include:

  • It is lightweight. A must when factoring in postage costs or handling of already large or heavy objects. It can be adjusted to be size appropriate for the item, and adhered suitably to ensure it stays secured to the item/s until it is no longer necessary.
  • Good bubble wrap Sydney is recyclable, and also environmentally friendly. Whether or not you’re a greenie, we do have a responsibility to our future generations to make the right choices where we can. Every little bit makes a difference.
  • Non-abrasive. So you can be confident that the product you have correctly and carefully packed will not be damaged by the bubble wrap Sydney in the transportation of the item.
  • Easy to store. Rolls of bubble wrap can be neatly tucked to one side, and rolled out as needed. No massive storage containers, no heavy lifting, no hassle involved.
  • Easy to apply. Mess free. Have you ever tried to clear up hundreds of those little corn starch things when you’ve unsuspectingly opened a box and despite your best efforts an astonishing amount have poured out as soon as you have opened the lid? Or what about trying to pack items into a box using them?

Whatever your packing needs, bubble wrap Sydney might just be the solution you are after.

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