Clear Plastic Packaging

What is clear plastic packaging?

Made from malleable, flexible synthetics and frequently utilised owing to their relative low cost of production, ability to withstand the effects of water, and versatility, this kind of packaging is quite literally seen in huge amount of applications in day-to-day life. To different extents some types are biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and resealable.

When might clear plastic packaging be used?

In all sorts of industrial, commercial and every day business applications.

It’s not just about sheets of plastic, but also bags, films, tubes, bottles and many other forms. You will see it in the forms of food containers, bin liners, pallet wraps, poster tubes, vessels for various liquids, around medical or industrial equipment. Commonly used in logistics, shrink wrap around pallets stops the shifting of boxes in transit and protects from damage. Just about anywhere really!

What are some benefits of using this?

The use of plastic packaging has frequently replaced other more expensive or labour intensive materials, reducing overheads, increasing margins, improving product life, ease of transportation and everything in between.

Using the packaging can anchor for protection – such as aforementioned boxes on a pallet that have been wrapped. This also can provide the shipment with a level of water resistance that might not be otherwise present.

Clear plastic packaging allows for the safe delivery of items, without compromising the integrity of said item (providing of course that it has been packaged appropriately, and transported/handled with a suitable level of care).

It allows for the clear display of the item – any chance for product acknowledgement or brand recognition is a good thing!

Who makes clear plastic packaging?

Typically items of this kind will be made by a plastics manufacturer.

Where can I find clear plastic packaging manufacturers?

Start local and broaden your search if necessary. The internet will provide you with contacts to begin with. Inspect packaging that you notice around you and try to identify the source of it by asking around.

How do I purchase the right kind?

This will be a matter of you establishing your need, examining it from different angles to be sure that your suggested solution mightn’t be improved with a few careful adjustments. Go and visit a plastics manufacturer and talk to them about where you’re at with your business or industry, how you wish to improve it or maximise it’s potential. Listen to expert advice, get a quote and decide how to move forward.

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